Karin Petersen

Karin has studied peace, presence, and belief systems from working with parents, individuals, teachers and children over the last 15 years. She has synthesized all the modalities she has studied and offers an overview of how they fit together.  She trains adults, teachers, administrators and parents on how to identify limiting beliefs and re-wire their own brains for success. Equally important she trains adults in how to relate in ways that create the connection and safety that support healthy brain development for children. In addition he offers individual, couples and co-parenting private coaching sessions. Karin possesses a Masters degree in Education and is trained in Theta Healing, which supports us in re-framing belief systems.

We draw inspiration from:

Conscious Discipline

Positive Discipline

Nonviolent Communication

The Work of Byron Katie

Brene Brown

Theta Healing


BJ Harden Jones

BJ is an incredible facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie and is en route to becoming certified in this amazing modality. BJ brings her wisdom, insights and amazing practice as a mother to the table, sharing her personal experience as a mom practicing presence and connection. She excels at finding peace in the challenging moments of life and parenting through utilizing the many modalities she has studied. She and Karin have been co-parenting for the last 7 years and refining their parenting practice. BJ co-teaches Mindful Parenting workshops and is also available for private inquiry sessions practicing the Work of Byron Katie.



Karin is truly one of the extraordinary teachers of our time. Her knowledge of the human brain, experience working with children, as well as overall brilliance, delightful sense of humor, encouraging presence, and ability to read the psychic field, makes her classes amazingly valuable to all parents and anyone who has a relationship with children. She shares both spiritual principles to bring into our work as parents as well as practical tools to cultivate respect, empathy, responsibility & authentic connection within our family systems. She also supports our own personal inner work as parents to transform our relationship to our thoughts in order to alleviate the experience of suffering and bring about more joy and contentment within our roles as parents. Her private sessions have supported our new family more than any other modality or resource we have found (and we’ve looked everywhere). Using her psychic abilities, she is able to focalize on the spiritual dynamic of our relationship to one another as souls on a soul’s journey. I greatly appreciate the chance to drop the human dynamics of righteousness, victimization, resentment, etc. that can often dominate our awareness within relationships, and zoom out to the greater dimensions of our being in order to refocus on the lessons that our higher Selves are calling to master, as well as how we can BE together as a family in the most supportive way for our daughter’s wellbeing and development into her full potential. A session with Karin feels like a reset to what’s truly important for our entire family, and her support in the realm of new beliefs and practices to bring into our daily lives, supports each one of us in integrating these shifts in sustainable and long lasting ways. Her support has been a great gift to our family and we are eternally grateful. (Lizzy Ma Ziogas)


I wanted to send a brief word in gratitude for your teaching and the transformative effect of attending just one of your parenting workshops.  I didn’t know what an entrenched and painful story of naughty stubborness I had been projecting onto my daughter.  It gives her and I such a chance to practice other possibilities to say “I know you are able to use gentle and loving words, did you forget?” Often when I ask her if she wants to try again she will… I can’t believe how hope-giving, and life-giving this is for us both.  Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to learn more. (Eleni Wolking)


My experience with Karin Peterson in only two sessions has been quite extraordinary. Karin has been able to help me understand some blocks that I have carried with me for quite some time now. During the sessions things, without a doubt, shifted, and I felt the changes from then on. She also gave me some wonderful recommendations that I can use in my daily life, which have been incredible. Karin has a very unique gift, and certainly a way of understanding, explaining and supporting me through a time when that is exactly what I needed. I am very grateful to have been connected with Karin, and look forward to continuing my sessions with her. (Suzanne)

Karin and BJ offer fun, engaging and hands on workshops with movement and role playing. Their intention is that parents get to practice the skills they are offering and not just read about them. Humans learn the most through doing and seeing, and there will be many opportunities for both in the in person workshops as well as the teleclasses.